The Barons

In the wake of the fall of Hyperion, other companies have experienced losses and gains, but all of them were surprised by the sudden emergence of Pandora’s Barons. Wealthy individuals who snatched up valuable pieces of land or information went into business making weapons, shields, and other gear to fuel Pandora’s growing exploits.

With aggressive tactics and borderline suicidal determination to succeed, they carved a massive chunk out of the market share that the larger multi-planet companies had been vying for. These Barons now control significant parts of the planet and the market.

For most mercenaries and private armies, all that changed was who was paying their bills. United only by the goal of hating the companies that are trying to steal their planet’s riches, the Barons otherwise constantly struggle against and sabotage each other in a life-or-death battle to control the future of Pandora.

Valentine PatienceCupid
Rhia “Ruby” Uehara – Gem
Damien Aleksander – Gravedigger
DJ Pyr3fly – Rhythm

The Barons

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